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Stress Management Training Seminars

Where is the list of seminar dates and venues?

We like to plan our seminars to be where people are interested in attending. This means we feel its best to ask you to register with us and then when we have enough in your area (anything from 5 upwards) we will try to put a seminar close to where you are.

There is no obligation if you register your interest.

We also make sure we treat all your information with the utmost confidentiality. We don't give or sell email addresses to anyone and your details will only be used to inform you of your nearest seminar. We also promise that you will not get loads of spam from us. We don't like spam ourselves and we don't want others to get any from us.

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What will you learn?

What stress is and how does it effect you
It is important to know what stress actually is and how it works. This will enable you to understand the difference between pressure and stress so you can make better use of good pressure.
Relaxation Techniques that really work and are easy to do
Many of us have forgotten how to really relax. We will share with you easy to do and very effective ways to relax. You can use these in any situation and with practice can be done in a matter of seconds. Get control of your life.
How to recognise stress in yourself and others
Learn to recognise the signs of stress so you can head off the problem before it gets serious. Also learn how to see it in others so you can help them and build stronger relationships
What makes some people better at handling stress than others?
Some people are just better at handling stress than others - we know their secrets. You can learn to handle stress the way they do making you a stronger person. These are great skills to learn if you have suffered from stress in the past.
How to stop worrying
You can learn how to get rid of worries that create fear and disable you from getting on in life. Gain more confidence and turn your life around.
How to boost your productivity
Passion, commitment, success all depend on pressure. We show you how pressure can be a friend and how it motivates you to succeed. Not using pressure effectively is why many people get too stressed and don't achieve what they really wanted too.
Advanced Goal setting
Learning how to set goals and keep to them is a key skill in using pressure to your advantage. We teach you how to set goals that really work.
Visualisation skills - great skill for many other uses as well
Visualisation is another key skill in helping you make use of your inbuilt passion and strengths to achieve your goals. We help you build these skills even if you have tried and failed in the past.
Assessing your stress

Everyone who attends will get a certificate of attendance, a handbook to take away with you and a CD with relaxation exercises recorded on it.

Our seminars are designed to be interesting and fun but not embarrassing and difficult. You will learn good skills but not at the expense of your dignity. We don't like to be embarrassed ourselves and so we won't do it to others.

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Highly researched so you don't have too

We have spent many thousands of hours researching stress and how to manage it. We even try out the things we find for ourselves. If it doesn't work or it is just too weird we don't include it in our training programmes.

Scientific methods rather than mumbo jumbo

We have nothing against alternative medicines and know that many people benefit from their practice but when it comes to business training its important to get methods that are highly effective and proven. We only teach things that have a scientific background. We feel that what we offer has to work or we might as well not offer it.

Managing pressure can make you more productive

Research has shown that those who manage stress are far more productive than those who don't. We also know that not all pressure is bad - sometimes it can be quite motivational. It's our aim to help you make your life (and of your workforce) more productive and enjoyable.

Interactive, friendly and entertaining

Learning is much more effective when it is interactive and enjoyable. We work hard to ensure we get the correct balance between information and interaction. We also employ some humour and fun in the sessions to ensure that learning experience is enjoyable.

Learn how to be more stress resilient

It has been shown that some people manage stress better than others. We have researched the reasons for this and also how to develop those traits in yourself and others.

Build yourself a better life

Whilst many of the things we teach in the sessions relate to work stress they also have the effect of making the whole of life better. Our systems will help build a better quality of life for yourself, your colleagues and your family. Ever feel that life was not supposed to be so tough? We can help make it what you thought it would be.

We genuinely want to help

We would like to help you manage your stress more effectively. We know what a difference this kind of training can make to peoples lives. We have witnessed peoples lives turn around, we have seen families get parents back, we have seen businesses improve and all through the application of some simple techniques. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your business ...


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