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Disclaimer and Promise (Our Pledge)

We don't want unhappy customers.

These training sessions will not guarantee that you will be a millionaire in the next two years. We can't guarantee that the training will solve all your business problems both now and in the future. We can't guarantee that after taking a course all your personal problems will disappear.

Whilst many people find that managing their stress improves the quality of their life we cannot guarantee it. Only those who want to change and then put our systems into operation will see any appreciable difference.

To put it another way they will not work unless you do them.

We refuse to make false claims about how many hours we will save you or how much money we will make your business. Making false claims for the sake of making a sale is unacceptable to us.

We don't promote any methods that have not been proven to work and we always try them on ourselves first.

We will not pressure you into a sale or force you to buy something you are not happy with.

We will not misuse any information you share with us. Any contact information you send us will be used only for us to contact you.

However we do want happy customers

So we promise to do our best to make the training suit your requirements.

We promise that the methods we promote really can make a difference if they are applied correctly and consistently.

We promise that we do all we can to offer a high quality and professional service.




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