About Us

Our desire is to help people find a more productive and fulfilling life.

We are a small company specialising in stress management. We have extensive experience in dealing with stress in the workplace and in helping individuals manage their stress.

We have taken our training programmes internationally but are happy to hear from any size of business.

Why Browncow?

We are often asked about the name Browncow. It was chosen by the founder of the business and was a nic-name given to him at school. We wanted a name that was easy to remember.

Who does the training?

Most of our training is run by our founder Christopher P. Brown (Chris). He has over twenty years experience of training in all different sizes of organisation. He has spent many thousands of hours researching stress and how to manage it and brings that wealth of experience to bear when he trains. He believes in an interactive approach to training and likes to keep things friendly and enjoyable.

Other Professionals

We have access to a large database of other professionals who we can work closely with if required. We have many in the health professions; in business consultancy and coaching; and in specialised areas of business support. If you have a particular issue in your business there is a good chance we have access to someone who can help.



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